Sharing ourselves!!!

Sharing is a wonderful thing to so with our lives, but at the same time, we need to have discretion in choosing who to share with.

Fortunately, for those of us who endeavor to do right by others, by supporting and lifting others, helping them with their visions, and believing in them, karma is very kind. That being said, we should be careful to surround and share ourselves with people who in turn lift us up. If we share too much of ourselves with others that respond with treachery and negativity, who lack loyalty, then that will pull us down.

So surround and share yourself with those that inspire and are on your side as much as you are on theirs. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize, as some will appear to be on your side, to be your loyal friends at first, however, time will always separate true & loyal friends from fair weather friends, as the latter, the fair weather friends, will drop you like a hot potato when another or others come their way that better suit their purpose. See, these fair weather friends are only about sharing what benefits themselves. 

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