"SINGLEDOM" & "DIVA DOCS": Selected for LAWeb Fest '15

"SINGLEDOM" & "DIVA DOCS": Selected for Los Angeles Web Series Festival (LAWeb Fest)
A quick update that I'm really excited about. As you all know, "SINGLEDOM" web series, created & directed by Kyree Terrell (Executive Produced by me) was most recently named an Official Selection for LAWEb Fest 2015.
I was really inspired and motivated after working on SINGLEDOM as Executive Producer, to create my own web series. So I based a TV web series on a weekly radio show I host, and Diva Docs TV Talk Show, a web series, was born. Needless to say, having such a great experience learning about film through Kyree, I asked him to direct and edit Diva Docs. 
DIVA DOCS TV Talk Show was filmed first weekend of January, and Season One is scheduled to launch Sunday March 15th, 2015. An episode will be released that day, and another episode every Sunday for 8 weeks. Check out the DIVA DOCS teasers below, to give you a taste of what's coming up:

Nominations for both "Singledom" and "Diva Docs" Web Series at LAWeb Fest as follows:
  • Singledom
    • Oustandiing Writing in a Comedy - Kyree Terrell & Tiffany Barrett
    • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy - Daira Guerra as Ms Espinosa
    • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy - K.P. Pinder as June June
    • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy - Kyree A. Terrell as Candy Boy 
  • Diva Docs
    • Outstanding Reality Series - Elisa O'Keefe-Smith as Creator
    • Outstanding Theme Song - Elisa O'Keefe-Smith as writer/performer


Crossing my fingers for a win in any and all of the above categories. 
Thank you for your continued support. Lets get this and bring home a win.

~ Elisa

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